Wireless Printing Instructions

Follow the steps below to print Wirelessly and then release your print job on the Main Floor of Abington Free Library.

Chooprint.princh.comse: Black and White or Color (The max size for file printing is 60 MB.)

Option One: Upload files/documents to the Secure Wireless Printing Site (tap here) or simply scan the QR Code.

  • Upload Files.
  • Select Black and White or Color.
  • Number of copies.
  • Accept Terms and Conditions.
  • Enter your email address.

When print job says READY, go to Release Station on the Library's Main Floor (see below for instructions).

Option Two: Send an Email Attachment (or send multiple attachments)

Send or forward attachment(s) to either of two printers: 

  • Black and White: abington-bw@ewprints.com
  • Color: abington-color@ewprints.com  
    NOTE: Text in email body will be pulled for printing in addition to the attachment(s).

At the Library's Print Release Terminal:

  • Tap on Release a Print Job
  • Look for second box and enter your email address
  • Follow instructions at the Release Terminal