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Kanopy offers independent, international, classic, or documentary films. 

Abington cardholders have 30 tickets per month. 

Tickets are based on runtimes; videos range from 1-4 Tickets. 

Kids Kanopy is free (no Tickets). 

An Abington Library card provides you with access to Kanopy, an on-demand video streaming service. Create an account with your email address and a password. This resource can be accessed by Abington cardholders on a desktop computer or through the Libby app. Add the Kanopy app for iOS, Android, AppleTV, Chromecast, or Roku.

There is a limit of ten (10) checkouts per calendar month. Three days to watch each film (Once you press play on a film you have three days to view it as many times as you like without using another play credit) Play credits reset on the 1st of the month.

Enjoy Credit-free viewing too. Log into Kanopy first and then tap here. Or search by Credit-free viewing in Kanopy's search bar.

You can stream over 30,000 films from hundreds of popular producers such as The Criterion Collection, The Great Courses, and PBS, as well as thousands of independent filmmakers—on every topic imaginable.