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We are now a PA Forward Silver Star Library! PA Forward - Silver

The Abington Free Library has been recognized as a PA Forward Silver Star Library, First Level, in Financial Literacy.  

PA Forward Press Release 

Financial Literacy:  Abington Township Public Library believes that financial literacy is one of the main cornerstones to building a better future. Forty-one percent of U.S. adults give themselves a low grade. As part of our PA Forward and Star Library participation, we are committed to helping all of our guests achieve an A+ in financial literacy.  

How? We intentionally curate our eResources and physical collections and select relevant programming and partnerships to meet financial literacy needs at every life stage. Whether you are a child figuring out how to manage your allowance, searching for a job, researching the cost of a college education, looking for recommended books on personal finance, or a small business needing to manage financial disruption and identify new opportunities during a pandemic, we are working diligently to be your bridge to credible sources and trusted experts.   

Feel free to email us at askabington@gmail.com to share your financial literacy need or success story. Your questions or testimonials can help others and inform our curation efforts.  Let’s move PA Forward together! 

Please click here for a list of specific resources addressing Financial Literacy.

For more information about PA Forward Star Libraries and our efforts in this area, email us at askabginton@gmail.com, call the Information Desk at 215-885-5180, ext. 113, or keep coming back to this webpage for updates. 

Abington Township Public Library
1030 Old York Road, Abington, PA 19001

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