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Access The New York Times for free: Take advantage of unlimited digital access made available by the Library.  Connect on a computer or mobile device. For troubleshooting and help while we are closed please email or call 1-800-591-9233.  

First-Time Users: To activate unlimited digital access, create a New York Times account with preferred username and password at and then return to this special offer page to "Redeem" a unique, digital access code that is valid for 72 hours. Whenever the code expires, simply come back to: "Redeem" a new digital, access code.  

Repeat Users: Simply click "Redeem" on the special offer page and log in, either at or the New York Times app on a mobile device.  See the special offer link page's FAQs section for additional details. 

Newsletters: During the closure, we are sharing a few of The New York Times content sections that are geared to support keeping you well, learning, and informed. The Learning Network or Well (under Life Style), and Coronavirus Briefing (under News and Politics) sections are our top favorites right now.   Subscribe to these free newsletters by email. 

Learning Network -   For students aged thirteen and older and teachers. Enrich your e-learning!   To access for the first time, follow this Youtube tutorial narrated by Ben a, teenager enthusiast of Learning Network    This virtual space is safe, civil, and stimulating. Teenagers thirteen or older can share comments on various New York Times articles and current topics via writing and picture prompts. New York Times editors and partners moderate this space. These moderators enhance learning further with key questions that spark further thought and analysis.  For more information, contact Learning Network directly at   #Basic Literacy, #Information Literacy, #CivicandSocialLiteracy 

WellRelevant advice for remaining well in body, mind and soul during the pandemic for all ages.  While limiting contact with family and friends, the New York Times’ Well newsletter of March 25th offered a suggestion to use Zoom or facetime to maintain social contact.  Dr. Bitton describes this as “physical distancing while maintaining social connections.”  #Health Literacy  

Coronavirus BriefingFor trusted, reputable news about Covid-19. See videos, charts, images, read essays or listen to podcasts. Whatever your learning style and favorite format, New York Times gives reliable facts and true stories that we can understand. New York Times is offering this newsletter for free during the pandemic. Latest video about masks.  No digital access code is needed.  #Information Literacy #Civic&SocialLiteracy

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For troubleshooting and help while we are closed please email or call 1-800-591-9233.  

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