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Announcing! Hoopla Bonus Borrows! Over 1,000 selections of books, music, movies, comics, and television can be checked out without using a Hoopla Checkout Credit. Selections for all ages! Browse the complete list here:
Or check out one of their curated collections of the titles:

To Sign up for a Hoopla Account through Abington, click on the button "Visit e-resource" below.


February is the First hoopla Bonus Borrows Month of 2021!


One month each quarter, patrons can choose from hundreds of titles in our Bonus Borrows collection.

These hoopla Instant titles will be at NO cost to libraries and require ZERO patron borrows!

​​​​​We will be updating the hoopla Resource Center with marketing materials to promote Bonus Borrows to your library! ​​



What’s all the hoopla? hoopla digital is a new digital media service offered to Abington Township Libraries card holders.  Enjoy access to nearly half a million titles, from six different formats, instantly – no waiting!  Internet access is required to establish an account and search for a title. Find more here:

hoopla offers movies, television shows, music, e-audiobooks, e-books, Comic Books and Graphic Novels.  As a library cardholder, you may borrow up to five (5) titles per month.  This limit will reset at the beginning of the calendar month. Unused borrows will not roll over into the next month.

Length of loan:
Music – 7 days
Movies – 48 to 72 hours
Television shows – 72 hours
Audiobooks – 21 days
eBooks – 21 day loan
Comic Books/Graphic Novels – 21 day loan

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Access requirements: 
Library Card
Abington Township Residents

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