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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get a library card?

If you reside in Abington Township or Rockledge or pay property taxes here, you may get a library card, without charge, at the Abington Free Library or the Roslyn Library. Children under 18 need a parent's signature on the registration form. To register yourself or your child(ren), please come in to Abington Free Library or Roslyn Branch with proper identification. 

Proper identification includes:

  • Valid driver's license or state ID with current address, 
  • or a valid driver's license or state ID with your old address if you bring something with your current address such as an insurance card, checkbook, utility bill, lease, or mortgage that shows a current address. We also accept these documents in electronic form.

Please visit our library card application page for more information.

What do I do if I lose my library card?

Please alert us immediately if your card is lost or stolen. You are responsible for returning on time and in good condition any items borrowed with it. Therefore, cards must not be loaned to others. To replace a lost card: come to the library with identification. Card replacement cost is $3.00.

What hours are the libraries open?

Abington Free Library is open:
Mon.-Thurs. 9:30am-9pm
Fri. and Sat. 9:30am-5pm
Sun. 1-5pm.

Abington Free Library Summer 2019 Hours
Monday-Thursday, 9:30-9
Friday-Saturday, 9:30-5
Abington Free Library will be closed Sundays starting June 23, 2019 until September 1, 2019. 

Roslyn Branch Library is open:
Mon., 11am-9pm
Tues. & Thurs., 11am-6pm
Fri., 11am-5pm
Sat., 10am-2pm

Holiday Schedule

Do the Libraries have family friendly restrooms?

Yes! All our bathrooms have diaper changing stations: those in Abington Library, Men’s and Women’s on the Main Floor and Boy’s and Girl’s on the Lower Level, and the bathroom in Roslyn Branch Library.

Where can I get a library card application?

Please visit our library card application page for more information.

How do I find a book?

You can search our database of books by library location: Abington or Roslyn.

How do I renew a Library item? (Library items are books, eBooks, audiobooks, books-on-CD, movies, music, Playaways, LaunchPads, Kindles, Kindles for Kids, Hot Spots, etc.)

You can renew your book by logging into your MCLINC account: My Account. Please note the following rules:

  • Items with reserves on them cannot be renewed.
  • Renewable Abington Township Public Libraries' items can be renewed twice.
  • Renew in the Library with or without the item, online, or over the phone. Patron must have a valid library card to renew. Look into renewing online! If you need assistance, feel free to call Abington Library (215-885-5180) or Roslyn Library (215-886-9818)
  • After the original borrowing period and two renewals, the borrowing patron cannot check out that item for 24 hours.
  • Renewals are for the original loan period.
  • Abington Township Public Libraries' DVDs can now be renewed twice if there are no reserves on them. They are available on a first come first serve basis.
  • When the library system is offline, we are not able to renew your items unless you bring in your library card and the items you wish to renew.
  • DVDs are for home use only and by copyright law may not be copied.
  • HotSpots can be renewed twice if no one has requested them.
How can I request a Library item?

You can request items:

You can request up to three (3) books or other items in person or by telephone. If you call, please have your library card barcode at hand so you can read it to the person taking your request. If the item you have requested online is immediately available at our Library, it will show up on a list generated from a program that must run overnight. This list is printed once every morning. We then search for the item on our shelves, and process it for your pick up.

How do I view my account information?

To begin, log into your MCLINC account: My Account

  • Along the top of the page, find the words: Library Info | Search | Patron Account | Help
  • Click on Patron Account
  • ENTER the barcode number from the back of your Library Card
    (21030XXXXXXXXX - no spaces)
  • ENTER your password

You will now see what items you currently checked out, when they're due, what items you have requested and where your request is in the queue. You can NOW RENEW your items ONLINE. Renew in the Library with or without the item, online, or over the phone. Patron must have a valid library card to renew. Look into renewing online!

  • if the item is renewable, for example, if someone else has requested it.
  • if you have not exceeded your renewal limit
  • if the item is not overdue AND if there are no blocks on your account
What programs are available at the library?

Abington and Roslyn Libraries offer events for all ages and interests. You can search our website by event location or by type:

Does the library offer free museum passes?

Abington Free Library offers FREE passes available for check-out from selected local museums and institutions! Each pass checks out for three days and can be used at the museum or institution for a group of people. (Passes vary in the number of people admitted, so check with library staff on the specifics.)

Check out the list in our catalog!

Museum Pass Program

  • 3-day check-out to Abington residents only.
  • 1 per household
  • Museum passes cannot be reserved online. We will hold a pass for one hour if you call to check if a pass is available.
  • Pick up case on display across from the Circulation Desk and take to Desk for checkout.
  • Passes vary in the number of people admitted, see chart on the Museum Pass webpage or check with library staff.
Passes must be returned to the owning library:
Abington Free Library
1030 Old York Road
Abington, PA 19001
Roslyn Branch Library
2412 Avondale Avenue
Roslyn, PA 19001
  • Museum Passes cannot be renewed.
  • $5 per day fine
  • $25 maximum fine
  • $25 replacement cost
How do I research topics?

You can search our available eResources to research any topic.

How do I donate or support the library?

There are many ways that you can donate to the library. Please visit our donate website page for more information.

How can I volunteer?

Please visit our volunteer website page for more information.

How can I rent a meeting room at the library?

Please visit our meeting room policy website page for more information.

Where can I find information about your library policies?

Please visit our library policies website page for more information.

How do I learn English or improve my reading skills?

Abington Township Public Libraries offers adult literacy programs. For additional information, please stop by the Adult Literacy office at Abington Free Library, on the lower level, across from the Children’s Department. You can also call Abington Adult Literacy at 215-885-5183 or email ablit1@yahoo.com

Office hours: Monday-Thursday 10:00am - 1:00pm, and by appointment 

Here is more information about adult literacy program and upcoming events.

How do I access the library wireless network?

Here is more information on how to access our wireless network.

How can I download an audio book or eBook?

Please visit our eLibrary page for OverDrive and more.

How can I stream music and videos?

Please visit our hoopla and kanopy eResources

How can I get to the library using public transportation (SEPTA)?

There is more information about public transportation (SEPTA) on the Abington Township Public Library - Directions and the Roslyn Branch - Directions website pages.

Where can I find tax form information?

Abington Library does not have Tax Forms for the 2020 Tax Year and will not be offering AARP Tax Help services here in 2021.   

If you had your 2018 or 2019 tax returns done here at Abington, our AARP Tax Help liaison, Bob Doyle, will mail you a letter at the end of January directing you to alternative sites in the area. 

If you have not had your taxes done here before, please call Abington Library’s Children’s Department (215-885-5180, ext. 128).  The Children’s Department will keep a list of callers and will notify you as soon as we know which other sites will be available.



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