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We cannot accept book donations until further notice.
With very limited staff in the Library at any given time, we need to focus on our own materials at the moment and resuming services. Please do not put donated materials in the book return or outside the building. No donations, please!


When we do accept book donations again, these are our policies:


Abington Township Public Library (ATPL) gratefully and willingly accepts donations as long as givers place no restrictions on their use or disposal. We accept three reasonably sized, non-commercial bags or small boxes of donated material per person whenever the Libraries are open. A tax receipt form is available for anyone who donates items.

Acceptance of gifts for inclusion in the collection is determined by the acquisition librarians on the basis of their suitability in accordance with the Library’s materials selection policy. Donated materials, if added to the collection, are subject to the regular retention policy. The Library has the right to sell, trade, or dispose of any gifts that do not meet the selection policy criteria. Gifts become the exclusive property of the ATPL and will not be returned to the donor. The Library does not appraise gift values, recommend professional appraising, nor provide lists of donated materials.

The Library Does Not Accept:

  • Reader’s Digest condensed books
  • Textbooks
  • Comic books
  • Coverless paperbacks
  • Books in poor physical condition (i.e. water damaged, smelly, mildewed, etc.)
  • Magazines
  • Travel books over five years old
  • Encyclopedias
  • Toys or Games
  • VHS Tapes
  • Audiocassettes
  • Vinyl records

Abington Township Public Library accepts monetary gifts in memory or honor of a family member or friend. A book with a commemorative bookplate will be placed in the collection in honor/memory of that person. Donors are encouraged to suggest a general topic of interest rather than specific titles. The librarians will make every effort to comply with the donor’s request, but reserve the right to make the final decision.

Thank you! 

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November 2019 

Dear Friends, Patrons, and Partners of the Abington Township Public Libraries, 

It is a powerful thing to see the collective impact of a public effort and what can be accomplished when we all work together toward a common goal. It was this time last year that we had the privilege of witnessing this principle in action.  

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.  Helen Keller

As many of you know, the Adult Literacy Program at the Library has been an integral resource within our community for the past 35 years. In 2018, the program faced difficulties when state and federal agencies cut all funding. Over the years, we have seen the positive effects of this invaluable institution on countless people: We have seen the jobs earned and the driver’s license tests passed. We have celebrated the many victories of the students, from the big ones, like becoming U.S. citizens and being able to read a bedtime story to a grandchild, to small ones that many of us take for granted every day, like opening a bank account or scheduling a doctor’s appointment. The dedication and passion of the program director and the tutors allow people to advance their careers and education, to improve the lives of their friends and families, and to become productive, engaged citizens within their communities. 

Last year we reached out to our own Library community and asked you to give a gift to the Adult Literacy Program. It was both a joy and a privilege to see so many of you enthusiastically answer the call. Thanks to your generosity, the program continues to thrive. We continue to train new tutors and provide students with the resources and support they need to advance their skills and make valuable connections with their instructors and with one another. Because of you, the program continues to open its doors to those who want to learn. 

We are once again committed to directing each and every donation from our annual appeal to the operating expenses of the Adult Literacy Program. We hope that you will make a gift to support this vital institution. Your contribution may result in tax benefits for you if it is made by the end of the year. 

Whether you are a longtime patron, a new friend, or somewhere in-between, thank you for supporting Abington Township Public Libraries and the Adult Literacy Program. 


Thomas E. Tyler                                   Nancy Hammeke Marshall
President, Board of Trustees                 Executive Director