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Dear Library Friend and Patron, 

A wise philosopher said, Change is the only constant in life.  We at Abington Township Public Libraries look back on 2014 as a year of continuing changes, but also at how well we believe we’ve met them:  responding to the varied demands and uses made of our libraries, anxiety-producing changes in the funding provided by the Commonwealth, and even unexpected changes called for by a failed boiler and emergency generator (nibbled at by a trespassing rabbit!)

Throughout it all, however, there is the constancy of our reliably dedicated Library staff, which never ceases to amaze in its imagination, creativity and service, the Township community whose use has made us the busiest and most dynamic library in MCLINC, and of course you, the Library Friend and Patron, upon whose generous and consistent support we rely.

Earlier this year, the Library conducted a survey to which over 800 responded with remarkable results:  98.5% said that the Library is important to their family, and 99.3% rated the Library as important to the community.  We are exceptionally pleased that these very high numbers indicate such a high level of support for the library and the role it plays in the community.

We believe these positive responses follow from our varied and imaginative programs, ranging from a meditation class, to a Flower Arranging Workshop, a program in learning Basic Chinese, one-on-one computer classes, our remarkably well-received teen and children’s reading clubs, our so-necessary Adult Literacy Program, and our beloved canine programs, Doggone Good Readers and Bark Pals.

Moreover, in recent months the Library built two small meeting rooms for additional quiet study space, increased summer hours, bumped up Wi-Fi coverage and speed, and added more space at the Roslyn Branch.  Even as we write, the Library Board and staff are studying new and diverse ideas for innovative space use and programming.  We hope you’ll continue to look to our libraries for the constancy we offer in dedicated service, imaginative programming, an outstanding print and audio/video collection, and as an invaluable resource for your family and our community.

As we conclude 2014, we ask that you again consider the Abington Township Public Library in your year-end gift-giving plans, to help us as we confront the challenge of the constancy of change.  (Of course, your contributions may result in tax benefits for you if made by the end of the year.)  Your own constancy in supporting the Library in the past has been appreciated, and we thank you for your continued support in our effort to ensure the Abington Township Public Libraries remain an exemplary community resource.


Thomas E. Tyler, President, Board of Trustees 

Nancy Hammeke Marshall, Executive Director

Written in November 2014