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Core Values of the Abington Township Public Library

The Core Values of the Abington Township Public Library (“ATPL”) represent the Library’s highest priorities and its deeply held driving forces. The Library cultivates a community of its patrons, friends, supporters, staff and volunteers who equally aspire to realize and work by these values in their association with the Library, and, in so doing, advance these valuable qualities.

GROWTH - ATPL recognizes and adapts to changes afforded by new technology, changing demographics of the community it serves, and the diverse demands placed on it by a community eager to enjoy support for young learners and the resources for lifelong learning opportunities of the Library. The Library welcomes the challenge to meet these changes with standards of excellence, flexibility, imagination, enthusiasm and responsiveness.

An appreciation for sustained, continual learning and curiosity typifies both ATPL and its patrons, friends, supporters, staff and volunteers, all of whom are readers or, in a broader sense, users of information aspiring to greater knowledge, awareness, and the inspiration provided by personal achievement.

COMMUNITY - ATPL considers its patrons, friends, supporters, staff and volunteers a close-knit family of lovers of literature and information, all of whom work together to advance the Library’s varied purposes, such as: serving as the Township’s “living room,” providing all comers with access to a wide range of information and opportunities for study, and offering the Library’s services and opportunities to those with diverse language and physical needs.

WELCOMING - ATPL is an enjoyable place to read, study, and work in a facility that is accessible to all while providing a current book collection and up-to-date technology. The Library staff strives to serve its community with enthusiasm, thoroughness and hospitality. Both indoor and outdoor space is maintained to be conducive to safe and accessible use of the Library.

STEWARDSHIP - ATPL is a steward of information for patrons, communities and organizations that need universal and equitable access to information, ideas and works of imagination for their social, educational, cultural, democratic and economic well-being. ATPL is an open and accessible source of information for its community, serving the information and research needs of its patrons with unsurpassed service.

INTEGRITY - ATPL serves the needs and demands of its community with commitment, integrity and excellence while supporting the concept of intellectual freedom. The Library stands by its conviction that delivery of high-quality service and information benefits the greater good. It is proud of the reputation it has earned and strives to hold itself to the high standards that our users have come to expect.

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